- Making the conference guests 'work hard, play hard' -

We design, prepare and create a complete conference, dinner and social activity program.
We manage and execute the conference, hands on.
We power-up the content for plenary sessions and break-outs.
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Search venues (hotel, conference venue, special dinner location, ...). Design ideas and set-up plans (in 3D) for the plenary, break-outs, dinners and social activities. Create formats for presentation of content and break-outs. Customise special acts, activities and decoration according to the theme of the conference. Advice you in the build up of the conference flow, ...
From the registration and information of guests (web, app), transfers, accommodation, F&B, furniture, special requests till the implementation and directing of high-tech AV, speakers and artists management as well as the creation of social activities, dinner animation, guest's networking facilities, ...
Proposing speaker formats, upgrading screen visuals and slides, animating content with music and video, training the speakers on stage, managing a rehearsal planning, supporting you with break-out formats and set-up ideas, spicing up and gamification of content items, ...
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We offer complete conference package solutions. We are not satified with selling isolated items, but commit to full partnership with the conference owner, while creating a coherent conference program from the beginning till the end.
Steve De Wit, Barranco Conference Creator & Eric Aertssens, BarrancO Conference Director

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