We start long before the conference takes place, months, sometimes even a year or longer. It all begins with a first meeting, to get to know each other, your expectations for the conference and to exchange ideas about how working together.

Next, we start venue research, come with ideas, set-up and stage plans, work and play concepts and we start putting together a budget and a program.

Our modus operandi is taking the work and the worries out of your hands, adding our creativity and experience while at the same time we touch base with you on regular times during the whole build up prior to the conference.

However, we do not sell isolate items (such as a speaker, an artist, a catarar, an AV supplier, ...) but build a holistic solution for the whole conference as one coherent package that we manage regarding execution and budget control.

During the execution of the conference, we are 24/7 present with an experienced event team of which most members are now working together for over 20 years.

All team members are flexible and adapt until the last moment, to comply with all changes as those are always part of the DNA of every event or conference.
And once all is over, we do the whole 'clean-up' of all administration and paperwork that comes next.

Growing towards more Sustainable Conferences

Barranco is aware about the pressure conferences put on our ecosystem. As a result, we do try invent and advise a more sustainable approach to conferences and events.

The most direct measure one can take is to 'use and do less'. That's why we advise our clients to plan less conferences, but improve the quality and the effectiveness of the ones that really have to take place.

Other possibilities are e.g.:
Replacing printed matter, such as branding and programs, by digital and projected alternatives. Introducing at least one evening with a complete vegetarian menu. Using the latest AV technolgy including LED lighting for a much lesser energy consumption. Re-using as much as possible stage- , fair- and decoration materials. Cancelling the distribution of all kind of short-life 'gadgets'. Combining a conference with a pre- or post-meeting, to avoid near future additional travel. Ask caterars to use local ingredients. ...

Together with our clients, we do discuss and implement new approaches, to make conferences less polluting for our planet.

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It's all about trust

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